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striving to expand minimalism.

Looking to the north of the European latitude, there are the Scandinavian peninsulas.
Halberg, a name that stands for modern and timeless Scandinavian aesthetics. This aesthetic is reflected in many facets. In architecture, lifestyle, creativity and above all in fashion. A large part of the aesthetics and creative culture of Halberg: Minimalism. This terminology doesn't just stand for the simplicity, which is often assumed. Minimalism is entirely and entirely its own in terms of lifestyle, creativity and fashion.

We would like to reflect this in the products and items from Halberg.
In 2017 we started to pursue this goal through the design and production of backpacks and bags.
Starting with one product, an entire collection followed consisting of backpacks and crossbody bags, which set the milestone for a brand that not only wants to reproduce the aesthetics of modern minimalism through bags.

HALBERG, striving to expand minimalism

The affinity for design, minimalism and modern architecture is the drive for HALBERG in the development and expression of eye-catching fashion products. This is how we define ourselves from the start. HALBERG was founded in 2017. With this drive we are creating a style that is not new, but which certainly has not received enough attention. We have set ourselves the task of highlighting this style and attracting the attention of fashion lovers even more. Recognition for our tastes and the fact that we have an eye for aesthetics builds our belief in what we do


If you zoom into the details of our items, you can see a balanced mix of elegant materials and minimalist shapes. On the one hand this combination is so natural and natural, on the other hand it is amazing. We're not reinventing the wheel. But we are convinced that we are showing it from a new perspective based on modern creativity.

the journey is not limited

In 2017 we started designing backpacks. The first backpack was the Gothenburg I, which was released at the end of 2017. A backpack that was very popular in terms of design. Since then our journey began with the search for new fabrics, constructions and manufactories. After a long search, the first collection came out in 2020. This collection included the Gothenburg II, an improved backpack from its predecessor. We love creativity in all its forms. Our visions and ideas are not limited to bags.